Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I'm really tired at the moment. It's partly because work is busy - there are lots of events coming up and none are going as smoothly as they should. In particular those ones where there are lots of people involved - "too many cooks spoil..." etc etc. I think the other reason is because it is so dark in the mornings now that getting up is really hard work. This is the first year that we have had extended dates for Daylight Savings. Normally we would have wound the clock back by now but we still have another 3 weeks to go. It is hard to get out of bed when it is still grey out the window. What a silly idea. I wont even mention the problems it caused with Outlook calendars. There's a patch, but it's only so good.

My weekend was lovely though and I put the borders onto the Jelly Roll quilt from the 60 degree ruler class last month. I love the blue fabric (it's Moda Shangri La) - it's got depth for a light colour.
I'm off for an early night!


  1. Lisa, your quilt is stunning.

  2. Lisa, love the quilt - did you foundation paper piece this?

    Thanks for the blog award, will pass it on sometime during the week.


  3. the quilt is lovely I love the range also........and I am also battling extended daylight savings.......so crazy........I can't wait for the 5th April

  4. I have a book with that pattern (I think it's called Magical Hexagons??). Really neat. That blue really is nice and works so well with the rest of the quilt. Love the multi-color borders, too.

  5. This looks wonderful! I really like the blue.

  6. I love it! Is the Jelly Roll Shangri La too?


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