Sunday, 16 March 2008

Who makes my day

My blog has been so quiet that I missed seeing that I have been awarded the You Make My Day Award by Mary over at Stitches and Ditches

How exciting! Thank you Mary!!!!

The rules for the "You Make My Day" award, are to re-present it to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know through an email or posting to their blog so they can pass it on.

I'm not sure that it's going to be easy to choose just 10, but I'm willing to give it a try. So I would like to award the following people:

This is when you realise that you don't always know the names of people whose blogs you visit. Chooky Blue - she quilts, she stitches, she bakes...

Corry at Dutch Quilter - because her blog is beautiful, as are her senses of colour and design

Queen Helen of Quiltland - Helen writes really dry, witty observations about quilting and the quilting community and I love her blog.

Rene at Fembellish - for her fabulous tutorials and arty ideas (which I must try more of)

Sandy at Comforter Quilts - 'cos she's my friend :o)

Tonya at Lazy Gal Quilting - she has a great sense of colour and design, freely teaches others, she's funny, she lives in Paris so her blog is littered with gorgeous photos... what more could you want in a blog? Especially check out her tutorials on making letters!

Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure - Kim's blog is a really good read, and she makes great quilts

Tracy at 'Tis the Gift - Tracy shares her gentle spirit and her journey adopting her son from China

Finn from Pieces from my Scrapbag - I love Finn's blog because reading it makes you feel like you have visited an old friend

Nancy at Not So Fancy Nancy - colour, glorious colour - across a range of crafts, not just quilting

Thank you guys for making my day with your great blogs!



  1. thanks........just checked out some of the other links.......

  2. Thanks so much for the award! I am honored. :)

    You made my day!

  3. Thanks Lisa! I'm honored to be part of such a nice list, but now I've got to go make something from My Yellow Farmhouse, so I blame you for my next 5 lbs!

    I like your journal covers - the recent one and the flower both remind me of something from Quilting Arts magazine.

    Nancy (who's never fancy)


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