Sunday, 6 April 2008

Doing the Orange Crush

I'm working on Bonnie's *Orange Crush* mystery quilt. I couldn't resist! Last weekend DH and I went on a shopping trip to the big smoke in search of fabric. I bought the most beautiful fabrics. The shop staff were really understanding - they left me alone to play until I found the perfect matches which was just what I needed. I wasn't going to use Bonnie's colours until I saw the range of oranges in the store and fell in love with them.

I have made all 150 scrappy little 4 patches. I think I might make some extras though so that I have a better mix of fabrics and colours (and cos they are so much fun to whiz up).

While I was at the store I also bought some very funky fabric for the borders of my scrappy Bargello quilt. The best part was that I chose fabric that was completely the opposite of what I had in mind. Instead of something quite solid to try and subdue the piecing I went with a wild print that just makes it buzz even more. Getting these on is going to be my very next project.

Daylight Savings finished overnight thank goodness. I'm convinced that shorter evenings will mean more quilting - LOL


  1. Sometimes I start with the border and work back from there, so clever you to be able to find a wild print for your Bargello
    My bargello is still in strips as I am doing it in recycled shirts - still collecting cotton shirts.
    By the way - good to see you posting again!

  2. I'm being dragged into this OC mystery. Everyone is talking about it and I'm starting to feel left out. LOL
    Perhaps I'll have a nose through ,my scraps and see what I can find.
    We've just gone over to summer Time here. The clocks have gone forward an hour which means lighter nights. Not much sewing time but time to get in the garden

    love and hugs xxx


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