Some close to home Kiwi Blogs

Maureen @ Mystic Quilter 

Linda @ Koka Quilts  

Julie @ JulieLou

Junez Scrapz for the most beautiful scrap quilts

And Marina who's really an Aussie but is super talented  @ Maisie and the Boys

And some far far away Blogs

Bonnie Hunter, the guru of scrap quilting @ Quiltville    

Home of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, So Scrappy

Barb @ Fun With Barb 

Kitty @ Night Quilter

Jessica @ The Quilty Habit  - Jessica has a great newsletter, The Wonky Press that is worth signing up for

Monica @ Lakeview Stitching

Melissa @ Happy Quilting

Kathy @ Kathy's Quilts

Christina @ A Few Scraps makes really fun quilts

Kathy @ KwiltyPleasures  

Victoria @  Bumbebeans   Victoria also hosts 15 Minutes Play to encourage quilters to sew something fun each day

Andee @ The Modern Diary  

Erica  @ Kitchen Table Quilting  has great patterns and quilt designs

Katie @ Swim Bike Quilt   

Rachel @ Stiched in Color has a beautiful blog with lots of inspiration, tutorials, patterns to bu

Vera @ Negligent Style keeps a very stylish blog including some free tutorials for cute pouches

Oldies but goodies

 Jacquie @ Tallgrass Prairie hasn't updated her blog for a while but she makes the kind of graphic quilts that make my jaw drop

Deb @ Deb Rowen's Thift Shop Quilts has a sense of style that really appeals to me.  Quirky and creative.

Terri @ Terri Stegmiller is an astonishingly talented art quilter who can draw, paint and screenprint.  She has a long list of tutorials on her blog, and her posts are long and generous.
Adrienne @ On the Windy Side

Megan @ Jaffa Quilts

Serena @ SewGiving
Jess from Australia blogs @ Elven Garden Quilts

Shelly @ Shellysquilts makes some bold and funky quilts   

Nifty Quilts a scrappy thrifty blog

Katy @ From the Blue Chair has a modern vibe

Kirsty @ St Louis Folk Victorian is a very modern quilt with free tutorials and patterns to buy

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