Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Under the needle

This week I've been tidying up the Quiltery which was looking a bit the worse for wear and working on some nearly finished projects.

First up is this baby quilt for a friend's 4th son which I finished quilting over the Christmas holidays.  I was waiting for my friend to decide on the name for her baby so I could finish up the label for this quilt and gift it.  I made wonky stars in 2016 for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and have since made a couple of other quilts with those blocks.  For this one I had enough blocks for just a small quilt so to make it a little bigger I sashed the blocks and pieced smaller stars in the intersections.  I love the result. 

The second project I've been working on is a Crosscut quilt.  This was originally a QAL at A Quilters Table.  I fell in love with this design when I made one for a quilt buddy in a swap.  I had some leftovers from that project and decided to put them together into a similar quilt for myself.  This one is special because some of the turquoise strips are from a hanky that was my mum's.  Finishing it hasn't really been a priority though and has been on the back burner until I got my new sewing machine at the end of last year.  It was a good project to try out the machine on because the construction method was quite forgiving and meant my seam allowance wasn't too critical (getting a new machine is a bit like learning to quilt all over again).  After quilting it with lots of straight lines, I parked it again, but now (finally) it is getting facing. 

I just wish these were the only two long term projects lurking the Quiltery. 

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  1. Lots of blue for you this week. Would you believe after quilting for about 6 years or so, I finally made my first two wonky stars last month. Enjoy your new machine and thanks for linking to Sew,Stitch, Snap, SHARE.

  2. Great to see the close up of this quilt! Looking so good!

  3. The wonky stars are fabulous!

  4. So lovely! I like the close up photo. Nice idea of incorporating your mum's hanky.


  5. Your quilt with blue stars is fabulous. Having two different sizes of stars adds a lot of interest.

  6. It always feels good to get a project finished no matter how long it has been lurking. I'm glad that you included a hanky from your mum in your quilt. Right now, I'm having bad memories of my mom and would elect not to include things of hers - I hope this passes. I had put her on pedestal and it just had to fall sometime. She said some very ugly things and inappropriate to me before she died. I'm working through them. After all, it was my mom who taught me to sew. I love your stars and I'm pondering a large project with lots of wonky stars and your quilt is a great inspiration. Mine will be heavy on pinks as the recipient's favorite color is pink while mine is blue. I'll need to incorporate come other colors for some variety, so there will be some blues, lavenders, yellows greens and maybe a little bit of everything in a king size quilt. I almost fainted when she asked me to make her a quilt. I haven't made a quilt in 5 years since my husband died and that was a tall order. She lost her husband about a year later and we met through our losses and we have become "sisters." Maybe that's what it will take to get me quilting again. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.


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