Saturday, 7 July 2007

Birthday Quilt done

At the beginning of this year I decided that instead of buying birthday gifts I would give people quilts. It wasn't a decision to make them all quilts, instead I would use tops from my stash that were sitting waiting to be quilted. Some of these tops have been waiting a long time to be quilted so this was just the motivation I needed to make sure they got finished, and I could find homes for some of the ones that I had made "just because" with no particular recipient, or use, in mind.

This week I finished this Lone Star for my sister for her birthday on Sunday.

The good thing about using tops that you have already made, as opposed to making quilts as gifts, is that you don't feel any pressure to choose the perfect pattern and fabric, and make a perfect quilt. For example, this sister is very difficult to choose for. I have thought about making her a quilt for several years, but it's hard to pin down just what she likes, she doesn't have a favourite colour, her house doesn't have a particular style, and I could never picture her actually using a quilt because it just wouldn't be right. But going into my stash of tops it was easy to choose this one for her. She is an engineer, so the geometric design of the Lone Star will interest her, and she has just bought a natural coloured couch for her new apartment. Because I haven't painstakenly chosen the pattern and fabric just for her, it doesn't matter if this isn't absolutely the most perfect quilt for her cos I just feel really happy that is a nice present. And possibly most importantly the stash is reduced by one more!!

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