Sunday, 26 June 2016

Half way point

This week marks the half way point of the Project 48 Quilt with the 24th block completed.  I'm enjoying this project and am pretty pleased overall with the way things seem to be coming together. I started with a bunch of fabrics leftover from my raggy jeans quilt and added some scraps.  It got a bit bland and after 12 blocks I refreshed the fabrics with some solids and additional prints.  This seemed to lift it and pull it together.  I also took the opportunity to remake one block which was bugging me - LOL.  I think I might do that again now.  And looking at the picture I think I need to use more of the solid orange, some green, the white-on-blue print in the Greek Cross.

I think the only thing that's disappointing about working on this Quilt Along is that it lacks the sense of community that blog-based Quilt Alongs have.  Though there's a Facebook page and Instagram, I don't feel like there's a home for the project and don't feel connected to others involved in the same way that have when working on other projects of this type.

Anyway, here's my progress so far.  I really should lay them all out to mark the half way point, but lunch calls.

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