Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tinkering away with Grand Illusion

I am making progress. Many people seem to have finished already. I had a little set back when I discovered that I hadn't made enough sashing  blocks. Back to clue 3 and the green and neutrals for the afternoon to fix that oopsie. Here are the 2 rows together. 


  1. wow looks even more stunning with the second row added.
    Great work!

  2. I'm still tinkering away too ! I have 15 blocks made and 1 row put together. Yours is very pretty and your stars show up nicely !

  3. It is beautiful! Nice job!

  4. I think its coming along nicely. You have some nice soft pinks.

  5. Nice job Linda, it is a wonderful quilt. I am going to put one border on mine, right now it is hanging so I can admire it :)


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