Sunday, 25 January 2015

Cruisy last day of holiday

So how have I spent the last day of my summer holiday today?   I've taken a very cruisy approach to it.   A little (emphasis on little) household organisation, interspersed with a little reading, and a little quilting.  3 more blocks for the sampler...

There is a bunch of blocks that are orange.  I'm not sure how I'm going to go finding fabric for those...  I have plenty of orange hand dyes because I love muddling with red and yellow, I can think of only 2 orange print fabrics I've used in quilts. 

And some reds and neutrals for the border of Double Delight.  

These units are at a REALLY boring stage to sew so I am using them as leaders and enders.  This has somehow stopped me from having to focus on them and it makes them a much more manageable task.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.


  1. well done on your crafting these holidays.
    love your quilt tops and new blocks too.
    looks like you are going to need a heap of those pieces for your border.

  2. Double Delight is going to be so worth it!


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