Tuesday, 7 January 2014


This is like one of those picture puzzles where you have to spot the 10 differences.  I'm trying to work out the best layout for my floral fabrics in my Shimmering Triangles quilt (started at Symposium with the fabulous Jenny Bowker).  What do you think?


I've been thinking about what I'm going to work on for the year ahead.  I want to use some fabrics that are in the cupboard.  I like the look of Auriful's Designer of the Month quilt, and  Sew at Home Mummy's "Classic Meets Modern QAL".  It's a while since I've worked on a block of the month type quilt and I miss them.  They're fun to have on the back burner and watch unfold during the year, and they are really handy to have up your sleeve to  use for gifts.  I have a another couple of ideas too that I'm mulling over but haven't settled on.   I bought plenty of solid white fabric today so that I can make a start.

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  1. looks like quite a challenge sorting out where to put what fabrics. It looks lovely so far.
    Love your little christmas stockings too.
    Happy new year and good luck with your lovely projects


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