Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Classic Meets Modern QAL

I've made my first block for this quilt along hosted by Sew At Home Mummy Erin. You can read about the QAL here

It's fun to use these fabrics.  I had chosen a pile of 16 fabrics for a Symposium class last year in accordance with the needs list  but found in the class that we only used four fabrics.  So I had this big colourful selection that I was itching to use. 

My block turned out a bit big at 12 & 3/4 inches.  I might have trim down those centre strips but I'll see how the other blocks turn out first. 


  1. lovely and colourful, a good start.

  2. I love your use of color and fabric in your block.

    My block also came out a tad large and I was thinking the same thing about trimming down the center strips. I decided to wait and see how the other blocks work up. Also, I will be designing a non-traditional setting for the blocks in the quilt so it may not matter if the block is slightly oversized.

    Looking forward to next month's block ... :) Pat

  3. Love your fabrics Lisa! Absolutely stunning block :)

  4. Keeping the toes constant while varying the main paw is very effective. Nice modern spin on one of my favorite traditional blocks.

  5. Love it, seriously! I would join in on that QAL, but I would be copying someone because I am not too creative with my own ideas on that kind of thing. Really going to enjoy seeing yours come along!


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