Saturday, 7 January 2012

How did this happen?

Whilst I've been on holiday I've attempted to do some tidying up.  In the process I found an interesting bag in the back of my quilt cupboard, neatly packed with fabric and some printed intructions.  It puzzled me for a while until I unpacked enough of it to realise it was fabric for a queen sized quilt.  I bought this fabric around the time we moved house, which was a little over 3 years ago. This wasn't a simple kit purchase, oh no.  This involved trips to quilt stores in Wanganui, Upper Hutt and Wellington, and I had to print out the instructions from a Blog over the course of a year.  How could I forget this?  How indeed?

About a year ago my friend Sarah (who accompanied me on the Wellington trip) asked me... "Don't you have another quilt that you're making, remember, we bought fabric in Wellington?", and I said "NO" because I couldn't remember what she was talking about.  Now I do!

This project is now top of my list for 2012


  1. Fabric has magic properties. I am sure some bags go into an alternate dimension for various time periods then suddenly appear again. It looks like a nice project. You did a good job of capturing it before it passed into the next dimension again :)

  2. love the fabrics for this project. What a great surprise to rediscover it!
    Love the first block.

  3. What technique do you use for the pinwheel? For years I have looked at blocks and 'converted' them to be made from five inch squares, now I have to start remembering other methods!

  4. LOL - I'm sure most of us can relate - pretty fabric!


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