Thursday, 12 January 2012

Making a list, crossing things off

A couple of months back I scribbled a list of UFOs on a piece of paper and it was alarmingly long.  I thought I would only have a few, or maybe 6, because about 18 months ago I donated a lot of tops to various groups making quilts for charity.  Alas there were 13 projects on the list.  And to be pedantic there are now finished tops on this list because they  are "out of sight and out of mind" down with the quilting machine.

Now it seems like time to do something about the list so I started assessing some of the projects.  I decided I was never really going to make pink shopping bags (using up the fabric leftover from a Christmas gift to my sister 2 or 3 years ago) so I filed the pattern, put the fabric back into stash and crossed the project off my list. One down!

Assessing projects turned out to be very worth while.  It turned out one of the tops was actually finished... so off to quilting with it, and it is off my list. Two down!

Then I came to the quilt described on my list as "Blue/lime panel" with a note "covert to bag".  I dragged it out, decided that it didn't really need to be a wall hanging displaying my ability to quilt different textures on different areas of a panel that I had stitched different sized borders on.  So before I could fold the fabric back up I found my favourite bag pattern and CUT IT UP.  I added some of my own hand-dyed fabric for lining, and used 95% of the panel.  This is the result.

That makes three down!  Only 10 to go - if only they could all be so easy. 


  1. snazzy bag!
    It is good to rationalise your list. No use having things there that don't need to be.

  2. Very nice bag - original and snazzy!

  3. Cute bag!!! What a great idea. I think it's wise to go back over your list - I just trashed some projects [they were traced, not started] because I know I'll never do them. What a relief!

  4. Very cool - looking forward to more completions. What a great feeling


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