Saturday, 27 November 2010

How do we mourn?

New Zealand is in mourning for the 29 miners who lost their lives at the Pike River Mine this week. At times I have wondered if we know how to mourn.

This is in several places on the internet. It moved me.

The church bells rang 29 times
so we knew it was final and the end of the line.
Now 29 miners are at Heavens gate
with coal silt dirty faces asking is it too late?
When God replies with half a grin
"no my children, come on in"
They place their mining lights gently down on Heavens floor,
when God said
"job well done- leave your boots at the door"

Repost in memory of the 29 miners that died at Pike River Mine

At the U2 concert in Auckland Bono says "People deal with grief in all kinds of ways... anger, sorrow, silence, in Ireland we sing".

Flags fly at half mast... on Government buildings, at the occassional private home, and at McDonalds. Some of the flags are ratty tatty old things - we're not big flag flyers and some of the flags come out of the cupboard just to fly at half mast.

Councils around the country have Condolence Books for people to sign. These will be consolidated in January and sent the Mayor of Grey District.

Shirley Goodwin is organising quilts for the victims families.

Wednesday, Prime Minister John Key says that national memorial services are usually held at the nearest large centre and so in this case that will probably be Christchurch. I cringed. On Thursday he announces that after discussions with the Grey District Council the service will be held in Greymouth and I feel hugely proud of and relieved for the people of the Coast.

I hope all of this helps people.

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