Monday, 19 January 2009

Ta dah - Last One Done

I just got this one finished today, my last day of holidays. This is the October journal.

Theme - "Symbols/Movement". The little triangle are off cuts from making flying geese for a yearquilt (where you choose a fabric to symbolise each day of the year), some mine, some from friends.

The technique was "Stamping & rubbing plates" - the blue fabric is one I tried a paint stick on using the bottom of my slipper as texture. The light border has some random dabs of white paint (just to make it fit the criteria really!)

Back to work tomorrow. I don't know that I've acheived a lot in my month off, but have got the journals finished, started Bonnie's mystery (and got all my pieces organised in my drawer so I can just sit down and sew in the evening without having to work out where I am up to), and the puttying and sanding of the house is done so it is ready to paint.

Off to make dinner!


  1. Such a fun quilt! I love how that blue border sets off the white one (or vice versa!). Sounds like a fun month off, and sounds like you accomplished a fair bit.

  2. Now that you have finished this stunning array of journal quilts - will you be journaling this year?

    Seems to me that the first year in your new house would be interesting to document.

    What colours are you going to paint the hacienda ?



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