Monday, 12 January 2009

Last Year's Journal Quilts

I'm still finishing up my journal quilts from last year. I got behind with posting, and making these when we moved house. Now I'm catching up and only have October and November to finish.

July - "solvy" - my friend Helen came over for a quilting evening and taught me how to make leaves with solvy:

August - "Blooms" - I had a lot fun with this, and it was good to have some handwork to do because I had to pack up my sewing stuff to get the house tidy for sale:

September - "man and environment" - I couldn't think past the home envirnoment so made a very simple house using curtain and upholstry fabric samples. The words and from the 1941 plans for our new house which I scanned and printed onto lutrador:
Lastly for now, December - "family" - a photo of my Mum holding my eldest brother:


  1. What a lovely retrospective on the year. Such diversity of style, very impressive. I especially like the August one and the house one.

  2. Oh wow !!!
    Lisa you just keep outdoing yourself !!

    I like them all .. Helen's technique for the leaves is not something I have come across before.

    Great talents in your little group.



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