Friday, 18 January 2008

Quilting not piecing

Now that my holidays are nearly over I'm wondering what exactly I got done on the quilting front. Along with the various piecing projects I have quilted two quilts on the Gammill which I'm very happy about. DH does all our business quilting and I just don't seem to get a lot of time to use the machine. This might change now that we have zippered leaders and quilts can come on and off in a flash! Anyway the quilts...

*Joy* is just stippled in all the background areas. When I quilt on my machine I'm very fond of stitching wiggly lines all over everything (cos it's easy). I wanted to do something completely different on this one so stippling was it. I found the stripe at a new (to me) quilt shop for the binding and just love the effect of it.

This second one is a little Shooting Star quilt and I did my first ever pantograph on it. I love making this scrappy pattern from Quilters Cache and I've made several quilts like this. They make great gifts.

If I am going to get anything more done these holidays I had better get off the computer - I get so distracted by all the lovely pictures on the blogs I read.


  1. Lisa these quilts look terrific - Joy is so delightful.
    Agree about the stripes by the way.
    The zippered leaders sound intriuging ...

  2. Joy is fantastic. You did such a great job. Your husband does the business quilting? Now that's an intruiging tidbit... Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. I love your quilts. The scrappy one on your sofa is great!

  4. Love your Shooting Stars quilt - the quilting is wonderful. Well done.

  5. Really like both quilts!
    I'm intruiged by the quilting husband too!

  6. oh love the shooting stars quilt and I to have found the quilters Cache......wonderful place........


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