Saturday, 5 January 2008

A New Year Project

Happy 2008! I haven't quite decided what my plans or goals are for this new year, but when I saw a journal quilt challenge mentioned on one of my Yahoo groups I *had* to join up. I think I've joined so many things lately that I've forgotten what half of them are. Anyway the journal quilt challenge seems like it will be a lot of fun and I have made my first quilt.

I made a sunflower because the theme was *seasons* and we just grew a giant sunflower this summer. It also allowed me to use a couple of the optional techniques - metallic thread and bobbin thread. This is pretty much the same as my bigger sunflowers quilt that I posted a while back, but I was able to correct the leaf shape with this one which has made me happier :o)


  1. It looks wonderful Lisa, I'm doing my own thing with a journal project using postcard size quilts. I like making the smaller quilts.

  2. I also meant to tell you that the Spirals on the coins quilt are from the Swirls template from the Circle Lord, they also have s spiral one but this is one of their large template boards.

  3. What a beautiful sunflower, reminds me of summer and sunshine! Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment.

  4. Wonderful sunflower - full of sunshine, what size are the journal quilts?


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