Saturday, 3 November 2007

I Have Been Quilting

I've been looking at Bonnie's blog and feeling like I get no quilting done compared to her but I have done a few things lately.

The top picture is is Mystery Quilt 11 from the Quilt Mystery group, and will be my first Quilt of Valour once it is finished.

The sampler is the 2004 "Saturday Sampler" from the now closed Quilters Cabin. It has been a UFO for a long time because I have had trouble getting the right borders. The first borders were pieced and then sat for a year (or 2) before being taken off. Some of the fabric ended up on the border of Sam's birthday quilt, which you can see here.

Last is the red sampler made from blocks my friend Helen made a few years ago in the "Saturday Sampler" programme at the Cloth Shop. She hates them! I love them! Once DH has quilted it, we will choose a charity to give it to.

And now I should go and do some more quilting instead of sitting at this computer - I'm sure the computer is to blame for me not being able to keep up with Bonnie - VBG.


  1. There are very few of us who can keep up with Bonnie! Your sampler quilts look great.

  2. Looks like you get quite a lot accomplished to me! I love the brown sampler. They are all beautiful and how cats do love quilts!

  3. OH Wow! I love your work. It adds much to see the critters in there, too.

    Excellent work.

  4. I love all your quilts on your blog. They are wonderful. So do you quilt them all? And your dog is so cute. We have a Golden Retriever. Great dogs.

  5. Mystery quilt 11 is just lovely... and the dog with the sad eyes is beautiful too!

  6. Yes I can blame my computer also. The quilts are lovely. Are you quilting your own quilts? I like the quilting designs and your color choices.

  7. Sometimes when a quilt hangs around waiting for the right border etc. it's good, as in your brown quilt. I don't know what the other borders were like but these are perfect.


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