Saturday, 17 November 2007

Choose Day Challenge

Cat over at Stone House Quilters has set up a challenge to make a small quilt each month based on a word that she will "choose" at random from a list. I seem to be in "sign up" mode at the moment so I have signed up, and hope to make several small pieces that will be added into a bigger project which plays with different techniques and styles.

The first month's word is... CONNECTION... I've been playing today and this is what I've come up withThe colours are not as bright as they look in the photo, and the blues and purples are bluer in real life. The CONNECTION is that this piece is meant to connect together the oranges and purples that I want to use together for the bigger project. It needs lots of quilting to add texture (I'm not sure whether I'll do that while it's small like this or once the various parts are together) and maybe I'll add some of the big copper coloured glass beads I bought at the Hamilton show.


  1. I love these colors together and your ideas sound wonderful. Keep up the good work. Be sure to post a picture of the finished quilt, OK?

  2. Connection is the perfect name.


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