Saturday, 24 March 2007

Thanking my lucky stars

I'm just so happy to have managed to set up this blog, and upload a photo successfully - me and uploading photos have not mixed well in the past. What better quilt to have chosen than this one using the Lucky Stars pattern by Atkinson Designs.

I made this just over a year ago for the then 9 year old daughter of friend. When asked for a colour scheme she replied "purple and plue with a touch of pink" - you can tell her Mum is an artist!

In the picture you can't really see the detail of the different fabrics and they all blend together. There really are 12 very different batiks in there, sourced from 4 or 5 shops. Maybe I should have looked for a different border fabric and that would have had a bolder effect. I love batiks but dont find them easy to work with, often thinking as I'm piecing that they are too blotchy.

I had fun with the back of this quilt too and used up some fabrics from the stash that were never going to find a home anywhere else. Even some very ugly hand dyed fabric found a happy home in this back


  1. Your quilt looks wonderful. Black and blue are one of my favorite combinations-on qulits that is,not on faces. Lol. You did a great job.

  2. Welcome to blogland. :o) Love the quilt and the colors!

  3. Hi Auntie Lisa,
    Great to see you're online now. That quilt looks like it has lots of snuggles! Mum is looking forward to seeing more photos of your quilts. When are Oscar and Nelson getting their blog?

  4. What a great quilt! I love the scrappy backing is perfect for this quilt!


  5. Wow I love that quilt Lisa!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, &leaving a nice comment.
    Nice to see you getting online.


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