Friday, 30 March 2007

Little Stash Quilts

I'm making progress on the little quilts I'm making from my stash of deep red/maroon fabrics. These are going to be made into cushion covers for our bed, to match the summer quilt. I wanted to make 2 different designs because I think it suits the scrappy style. I'm not sure what borders the Birds in the Air one will get - that will be this weekend's project.

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  1. Love the maroon cushion cover quilts! They are great!

    You asked about the all over big feather quilting I was doing....what I do is meander the spine first..and I'm talking about a BIG meander, because you have to leave room to put the feather parts on either side of the spine...then start filling in with the feather shapes, first one side of the spine all the way, and then coming back the other side of the spine. Make the feather"loops" fit the space that they have been given, so some are long and arty, others are short, some are narrow...just fill up the quilt space!



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