Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Allietare - Monday Mystery linkup Part 5

Link up time for Part 5 of Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery Quilt. Follow this link back  http://bit.ly/1UdyGZq to see everyone else's progress

I am far from finished this step. I hadn't finished all my Step 1 HST so had to play catch up on those to start this step. So many of the sub units are still on the ironing board waiting to be ironed. The week isn't done yet though, LOL.  

Part 3 with it's gold and neutral 4 patches is completed.  This was where I started the mystery because it was the clue that was live when I came home from holiday

Part 4 (long, oh so long) is completed.  I love these little bow tie type units.  I think they would make a great border for some sampler blocks I have sitting around.

You know when you're making a mystery quilt there's always a fabric choice that you think "hmmmm, I wonder how that's going to work out"?  Well with Allietare mine is the grey.  So because I'm contemplating my choice of grey fabric here's a grey photo from my recent holiday.  It's taken at the Koutu Boulders in the Hokianga Harbour on Northland's west coast.

Off to sew...


  1. Beutiful clues a nice colors choise!

  2. That is a cool boulder on the beach! Now I have to look it up and find out more about it :) congrats on finishing pt4! That was one took a while :) I saw your comment on my blog about watching Pride and Prejudice while working on it--Which version? The longest one would probably get you through half!! :) I love that move and have seen all the different versions (a few times), and then the spin off movies are fun too. I love your fabrics!


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