Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Modern Tradition

Today I went to Wellington with DH to see the Capital Quilters exhibition, entitled A Modern Tradition.  The venue at Sacred Heart College in Lower Hutt was a great setting; a lovely modern venue with 3 different areas to display the quilts.  There was a great variety of quilts, lots of different styles of both piecing and quilting, and lots of fabulous use of colour.

I had lots of favourites,and these are some:

Zebra Crossing by Sheryl Anicich:

Garden for Birds 2 by Adrianne Reid:
Adrianne blogs at The Windy Side and her quilt won merit ribbons
for first time entrant and small bed quilt

Shirt Tail Series No. 23 Back to Square One by Heather Harding:

56 Stars by Jill Nickel:
I loved the quilting on this quilt - 
something different in each area of background

Barbed Wire for Barb Dwyer by Ronnie Rutter:

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