Sunday, 29 May 2011

Christmas Preparations

The year is racing by and May is nearly gone so it is already time to share the month's Christmas gift preparations.

I made this tissue box cover using the tutorial from Pink Penguin. It's an easy tutorial to follow, and I wouldn't mind one of these for myself. The lining is neatly finished so that it is reversible.

My favourite Christmas project so far has been to make a stocking for an exchange I am taking part in. I was assigned a partner, and we each made a stocking for each other. The really fun thing is that we have already swapped stockings, in fact we did this at the end of March, and now every month we make or buy a small gift, wrap it and mail it, to be placed in the stocking and not opened until Christmas.

This is the stocking I made for my partner Lorraine

And this is the stocking she made for me. Isn't it beautiful?

I especially love the piece of tatting that is stitched onto this and the way that Lorraine has used some pretty gold buttons and charms as embellishments because I said I liked metallic buttons. This stocking has such a feels of an old fashioned Christmas. I'm so lucky.


  1. both stockings are just beautiful!
    Sounds like a great swap.
    Remember all those animal beanies the youngies were wearing in Queenstown when we were there? Well they are taking over Melbourne too, I am seeing them everywhere!
    your blog makeover looks great too

  2. What a pretty tissue cover - and reversible! I think it's funny that we both made something from Pink Penguin, lol. I love the stocking, GREAT idea for a swap - but temptation would certainly get the better of me to peek!

  3. Love the stitching you did on your stocking. Looking forward to seeing you on Thurs :-)

  4. I love the tissue box cover. The fabrics are gorgeous. Both the stockings look great. I wonder if everybody will save all their gifts safely in their stocking :)

  5. Both stockings are great! I love the fabrics you chose for yours! I just love that little tissue box, how adorable!!! :) Love that it is reversible, FANTASTIC!!!

  6. The tissue box cover is really pretty - those fabrics are quite lovely - you SHOULD make one for yourself! The stockings are adorable!

  7. Great stockings! I love your tissue cover too, it turned out really cute!


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