Sunday, 20 February 2011

Week 7 journal - leaves

This week I wanted to make something acheivable rather than challenging. I flicked through some Quilting Arts magazines and found a picture of a cushion by Linda and Laura Kemshell whichI was sure I could adapt to the journal format.

I used some hand dyed fabric from the workshop I went to last year, stitched the leaves and then painted them. Once they were dry I stippled the background. I always love stitching leaves.

This week I've been working on some gifts for Christmas throughout the year, and a couple of stitchery projects. I'll share these soon. I'm enjoying spending more time on my quilting and sewing this year than I have in the recent past.

While doing some blog hopping I found this great film thanks to Jill at Life and Times of Jill


  1. your leaves are beautiful.
    That little video is amazing. I didn't realise how all the different blocks relate to each other. Amazing.

  2. Your leaves quilt is great -- I love that you painted only a few, makes it so interesting to look at. And the film-- Wow! It's fascinating to watch the blocks turn and make new things. Love it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by to visit and for the link in your post! I love your little journal blocks, especially the owl one.

    Isn't that quilt video amazing?


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