Sunday, 14 June 2009

Winter Projects

I've been making green "inchies" for a swap with an online group. These are my finished sets ready to send. I knitted little squares for the ones in the centre.

DH has been busy making this planter from old totara fence strainers and an engine sump tray. It is for a recycled garden art show organised by our local "Urban Care" group.

Even the plant is recycled. It is one of those very hardy things that gets moved round the garden and always seems to be happy. I had to remove several snails before we delivered it to the arts centre.

Have a happy week!


  1. What are those inches made of (except, of course, for the knitted center)? I love the look in the photo!

  2. Heck Dad, you've been busy. Looks fantastic! SNT and FDIL

  3. Now you have me curious about those inchies as I have never seen any.

    That planter is so neat - well done Roy!

    Sandy is at a different email addy now

  4. It looks like a lot of meticulous work goes on with those inchies - what with vintage buttons and knitted trims - will be interesting to see how this swap pans out ..


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