Sunday, 29 March 2009

Life Gets in the Way

I wish I could spend all my time quilting and creating, but sometimes life gets in the way. Over the last 6-8 weeks my job has been causing me to feel extremely stressed, which in turn made me feel somewhat depressed because I like to be in control. Last weekend, dertermined to do something for myself I made time to work on my journal quilt for March. This is the result.

I did a fabric dying class recently and made these fabrics. The background was my "spill cloth", which I threw into a bag of leftover orange and pink dye at the end for the process. I spilled quite alot during the class so I got a very piece of fabric. It seemed the perfect busy background for this little quilt.

Here's hoping April will reflect a more relaxed attitude.

1 comment:

  1. I really like this quilt....Life does sometimes interfere but I like to simply think we're growing in a different way during these times...what we go through will come into out in our art later on....our experiences make our art stronger.


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