Sunday, 1 June 2008

Doing the Orange Crush - Part 2

The whole blocks are finished and now it is on to the half blocks. I have laid these out in the setting that would seem "obvious" and they look ghastly. I'm hoping Clue 6 will contain a miracle that completely changes the way it looks - LOL. I still love my feature fabrics, but they all just seem to blur into one when I alternate the blocks. That the "joy" of mystery quilts I suppose :o)


  1. Oh, I like your blocks! The scrappy look is a favorite of mine, of course.

  2. Thought my blocks looked ghastly too but thought I had to trust Bonnie.. esp as my colours were alike to hers.
    Now that they are set together as per Bonnies directions they do look better - don't they?



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