Saturday, 31 May 2008

Autumn at last

Here's the autumn colour I promised Sandy

These have been a while coming due mostly to a bout of shingles which slowed me down. I took these photos on a walk through the Victoria Esplanade. The sun kept moving into cloud so the light wasn't good for all of them, but I think the colours show quite well.

Cos I'm on catch up with pics here is my May journal. The technique for the month was *recycling*. I have been making lots of tote bags lately to use instead of plastic bags so it was easy to choose a theme. I made the letters for "Ban the Bag" by fusing several layers of plastic bag together. They come out with a nice wrinkled texture and so I hand stitched them down. The "Take a Tote" letters are made from junk mail, layered onto computer paper and painted with ModPodge. The binding is another plastic bag which I sewed on and then shredded to give the frilly look. It was a lot of fun putting this one together.

It's Queen's Birthday Weekend here so I'm planning to get lots done and having lots of pictures to post to make up for being silent so long :o)


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  2. love the photos.........beautiful colour..........

  3. Very cool! How did you fuse the bags? Really creative, and the letters are great.

  4. Lisa - thank you, thank you!!!

    The colours are beautiful, are these all in your garden??

    Love the "ban the bag"
    How did you fuse the plastic bags?
    Our state government has banned the supermarkets plastic bags effective at the end of this year.
    The only state in Australia to do an absolute ban, some other states are planning on having a levy on the bags.
    This is my motivating factor in making plenty of tote bags for family and friends, and as a plus they are much, nuch stronger than plastic and don't break on the way home from the shops,
    Enjoy your long weekend


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