Saturday, 16 June 2007

I had forgotten how snuggly

... flannel quilts are.

Today we had a new customer drop off a quilt for quilting. It is a really country log cabin style quilt, with lovely big feature blocks in the middle, and it is flannel. She wasn't sure whether to put flannel on the back of the quilt, or ordinary cotton, because we had a cotton backing fabric that she really liked.

It took me a while to remember that our flannel quilt was tucked away in the trunk in the corner of our room, but whe I did I brought it out to show her. Well as soon as she touched the snuggly flannel quilt with flannel on the back she was sold on flannel.

And I was sold on the idea of putting this quilt back on the bed very soon. Winter has definitely made itself known over the last few weeks, and this quilt will make a difference at night.

The quilt was an attempt to use up my stash of flannel after making a couple of flannel quilts. It is a copy of quilt that Sam (Mum to Arnold the blogging Jack Russell) made, and I loved the design as soon as I saw it.

The funny thing is, that as soon as my friends heard I was making a scrappy flannel quilt they gave their own flannel scraps. This really added the variety in this quilt and I really appreciate their kindness. As you can probably guess, by the end of the project I still had lots of flannel scraps left! I've made a couple more scrappy flannel quilts, and I've shared the flannel with my friends, for yet more quilts. It's like a little stash that never ends.

I'm off to check on the lamb shanks that have been slowly cooking for a couple of hours now - it really must be winter.


  1. Flannel quilts, lamb shanks - you are making me homesick!! I just turned the air con on again because it's so humid!

  2. I love this 4-patch quilt! The sunflower quilt is also very pretty.

    Nice meeting you..thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. We are putting flannel on the back of all of our baby quilts. It is very hard not to just sit and snuggle them!

  4. Arnold has just reminded me that I need to make us another scrappy for our bed (read: his bed) but in flannels this time - he's so demanding :-)

  5. Flannel quilts and lamb shanks! Yep, its winter! Very snuggly and warm. Lovely work. :)

  6. Hi Lisa, I'm sending hug...really HUG 'golden' hugs your way, for you and for the two 'wet' beauties I see in an older post. I'm the truest of dyed in the wool, golden lovers! Thank you so much for stopping by at Pieces, and leaving a comment. I love seeing new faces of yet more avid quilters..*VBS*

    You and your blog already feel like old friends. Love the flannel scraps quilt. I've done several, from different ideas, including a couple of "string" quilts, and love each one, altho none live with me...LOL And your right, I think the scraps make more flannel scraps in the dark of night..*S*

    Your Hidden Treasures post is just fabulous. At first I thought maybe you had caught wind of our Orphan Train make a quilt top from leftover blocks. The full details are at Riding the Orphan Train, a link on my side bar. Would love to have you join us, if you are a joiner...*VBS* I'll be so happy to add you to my sidebar links!! big hugs for all, Finn

  7. I love flannel backed quilts too - this was our first winter in Minneapolis and I loved using the flannel ones!


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