Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Hidden Treasure

Isn't funny what you find when you start tidying up?

I've been doing some reorganising of our photo files, and in the process I came across this picture of Amish blocks which I received in 2 different swaps a couple (or more) years ago.

When I saw the photo I was reminded of what striking blocks they were and how much I liked the quilt I made with them. A split second later I started to think "hold on, what quilt did I make with them?", followed by "and what did I do with it?".

Slowly the cogs started turning and the brain kicked into gear. It came back to me. I made two (yes 2) of the blocks into a bag to carry my cutting mat to classes and retreats. Here it is without the top binding or handles but you get the idea.

I felt a bit sad to think I didn't have a quilt made with these blogs, but then I realised the fun part - I still have 23 blocks sitting in my cupboard. Now if I just make 2 more, that will give me 25 and I'll have enough for a quilt. Maybe it's time I did something with this project. Now why do I feel like I'm been here before?

I'm off to find the actual blocks!


  1. Looking foward to seeing what the finished quilt looks like! Stunning blocks! :)

  2. What lovely blocks! hope you get them into a quilt.


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