Saturday, 14 April 2007


I'm on a big learning curve about blogging right now, and I think I worked out how to add a photo to my profile which is why I'm posting this little pic of my Wonky Log Cabin.

I chose this picture because this is the one quilt that hangs on the wall in The Quiltery. You see, the quiltery isn't very large, and by the time you add two doors, two walls of windows a wardrobe and a couple of bookcase to a room you aren't left with a lot of wall space. I have my two favourite prints on the big wall which only leaves a 14 inch space for a quilt. So this little one fills the gap!

I made this just a couple of months ago. As is often the way, I didn't set out to make this particular quilt. I was going to make a log cabin, using dark and light homespuns for an Amish effect, and use up a chunk of my homespun fabrics. Just 6 blocks into the project I was feeling quite clever, because I was making such cute log cabin blocks - until I laid them out side by side and hit a problem. Where was my light and dark effect? I turned blocks, moved blocks, turned them again, and squinted, and then I could make out furrows - kind of. So I decided that I would just have accept that this quilt was going to need me to buy more fabric!

Resigned to having to go to the quilt shop I decided to sew some of the blocks together just so I was really committed to the project. And that is when the biggest problem of all showed itself. My "oh so cute" blocks were not the same size. Some were 3/4 of inch smaller than others. That was going to be a bit much difference to "fudge".

I played with the blocks to try and work out ways of saving the project and came up with the idea of cutting them in half diagonally, and resewing the dark halves together. Then I joined them haphazardly to create this wonky little wallhanging. I had just recently finished a project where I used curved piecing for the first time, so I was able to play with borders that weren't straight. I like the contrast of the very straight lines in the blocks and the skewed lines that frame it up.

After that long explanation, here's hoping I can post the picture in my profile!


  1. It's very cute and a creative solution to the problem of fitting unmatched blocks together. Well done.

  2. The little quilt is just right for your profile photo - really bright and cheerful.

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm adding you to my bloglines, I like to read what NZ Quilters are doing.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Blogger didn't send me an email address for you, so I hope you don't mind if I answer your question about lentils on 'The Quiltery'. The lentils I used for the Mujaddah were simple 'black' lentils (actually brown), the most common type. I believe that the French lentils (puy) would work nicely, but aren't actually necessary in this recipe. Because the rice and lentil mixture has fat in it from the oil, and because they don't cook for a long period of time, they didn't get mushy and turned out well.

    Thanks for visiting Gracious Hospitality. I'm glad to have found your site as well --- and will be back to browse soon.


  5. Thank you for your link to my blog. I've just added yours to mine as well. Welcome!

    LaTeaDah :)

  6. I love this quilt. congrats for working with it and not just giving up. You came up with a great solution - very lively.


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